MPW Marketing finds bright side of challenging year by growing team, adapting to remote work demands during pandemic

CLINTON, N.Y. – September 29, 2020 – MPW Marketing, a full-service advertising and marketing firm in Clinton, has turned an otherwise difficult and uncertain year for businesses everywhere into an opportunity for growth by building its team of marketing experts and adapting to remote capabilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to quickly transition to off-site environments in order to comply with state safety mandates. Luckily, MPW was already familiar with a fair amount of remote work due to the company’s flexible work options, which made their switch to off-site feel natural.

“We quickly embraced technologies like Zoom and Asana that allow us to have ‘face time’ with one another, keep our efforts in sync and stay connected as a team,” founder Matt Wilson said.

For MPW, moving to a remote workstyle was smooth and efficient. They recognized the unique needs of each team member during the pandemic in order to accommodate everyone while still getting the work done.

“Everyone’s living situation during the pandemic has been different,” Wilson explained. “Some of us are home with kids and learning how to be teachers as well. Some of us are working around a spouse or roommates. We were able to find an optimal rhythm while being understanding of each other’s schedules and working together to make sure things get done.”

As an added bonus, they have more face-to-face connection than ever with their national clients spanning from Long Island to Georgia, thanks to video conference options.

“Video calls with non-local clients became an unexpected positive outcome of remote work,” Wilson said. “It feels like you’re in the room with each other. We’ve been able to really strengthen client-agency relationships.”

While making adaptations like these to the way they work, MPW has also been expanding its team of experts, who each specialize in an essential area of marketing. At the beginning of the year, the agency recognized the hard work of longtime intern Evan Chaires and brought him on as their bookkeeper. The recent SUNY Poly graduate has a dual degree in finance and business administration and is responsible for invoicing, managing bills, audits and financial reports.

Art Mucitelli joined the online department shortly after as SEO specialist, responsible for managing all search engine optimization activities for clients. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Southern New Hampshire University and an associate’s degree in business management from Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC). He has extensive experience in digital marketing.

Mario Restive, however, was not a “new” addition to MPW this year; after doing freelance work with the agency for 13 years, he joined the team officially as videographer/editor in June. He has a stacked background in video shooting and editing and earned his bachelor’s degree in film from Full Sail University.

Similarly to Restive, Melissa France worked with MPW previously as a temporary employee before the company officially brought her on as an online specialist in August to meet the growing demand of their online team. France has a strong background in technical and creative skills that she uses for supporting customer return optimization (CRO), search engine optimization (SEO), web design and more.

Daniel Grimes, WordPress developer, rounded out the online team as the newest addition in September. He handles anything involving edits and updates for clients in WordPress – a prevalent web management program. He earned his bachelor’s degree in communication information and design from SUNY Poly and an associate’s degree in website design and maintenance from MVCC. His experience spans five years working in front-end and WordPress development.

“We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to foster such a robust, successful team, despite the challenges this year brought,” Wilson said. “We’re looking forward to making the most of all our talents and skillsets together as we move forward.”

Founded in 2006, MPW Marketing is a full-service, online and traditional advertising and marketing firm that is focused on doing big work for companies of all sizes, from local and regional businesses to Fortune 500 companies. For more information visit

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